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Maskott stands alongside UNESCO to support the continuation of education

Maskott has joined UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition in order to contribute to the overall effort and help children from all countries in need by supporting the continuation of learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2004, Maskott improves and facilitates lifelong learning. Tactileo, our digital learning platform, is used by milions of teachers and students worldwide and contributes to support the continuation of education for all. It is our collective duty to ensure the continuity and flexibility of education for all children during these troubled times.

We are proud to belong to the Global Education Coalition, aiming for an inclusive, fair and quality education. This goal is in total accordance with our values and efforts to provide digital learning opportunities for all.

Our team at Maskott provides Tactileo. It is a collaborative SaaS digital learning platform that can be deployed on a national scale in the span of a few days in order to equip all schools, teachers and students with the right tool to pursue education in the most flexible way, whether on site or online.

We contribute to the Coalition by bringing free access to the platform with all basic functionalities, including a tool for teachers to create new Tactileo contents as well as the possibility for students to access all available educational resources.

Current research works conducted with a cognitive sciences lab show that students using Tactileo learn more efficiently and that, thanks to the possibility to individualize learnings, the use of Tactileo helps reduce the social divide.

After establishing itself in France, Tactileo is now being deployed in Lebanon, Tchad and in ten other West African countries.

By supporting the Global Education Coalition, we take action to provide digital learning opportunities for all. We must reduce the digital divide and enhance learning opportunities.

Every child must have access to education while staying safe and coping with the difficulties of the current situation.